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EliteWorks Definitions & Meanings

Account: What is an account?

Lots of Words......

Application: What is an application?

A application is a website or service associated with EliteWorks. 

Affilate: What is an affiliate?

An affiliate is someone who is attached to a business or organization.

Architect: What is the Architect?

The Architect is the Tool used to customize your website.

Body: What is the body?

The Body of your website is the main content of the website. This is where you will input Images, text, and other widgets.

Blog: What is the Blog?

The Blog is service that allows you to attach a blog to your website. You can either import a blog, or create one from scratch on the EliteWorks platform.

Catalog: What is the Catalog?


Checkout: What is the Checkout?


Directory: What is the Directory?


Display: What is the Display?


Domain: What is the Domain?


Ecommerce: What is the Ecommerce?


EliteWorks: What is the EliteWorks?


ElitePay: What is the ElitePay?


Employee: What is a Employee?


Events: What are Events?


FAQ: What are FAQ's?


Favicon: What is a Favicon?


File Manager: What is the File Manager?


Footer: What is a Footer?


Form Sumbission: What are Form Submissions?


Global: What is Global Settings?


Google Analytics: What are Google Anaytics?


Header: What is a Header?


Google Analytics: What are Google Anaytics?


Icon: What is a Icon?


JavaScript: What is JavaScript?


Login: What is a Login?


Logo: What is a Logo?


Logo: What is a Logo?


Manufacturer: What is a Manufacturer?


Material: What is Material?


Media: What is the Media?


Menu: What is a Menu?


Merchant: What is a Merchant?


Orders: What are Orders?


Organizers: What is a Organizer?


Pages: What is a Page?


Panel: What is the Panel?


PayPal: What is Paypal?


Policies: What are Policies?


Posts: What is a Post?


Preview: What is a Preview?


Products: What is a Product?


Publish: What does publish mean?


Referral: What is a Referral?


Register: What does register mean?


Reports: What is a report?


Row: What is a Row?


Sales: What are Sales?


SEO: What is SEO?


Services: What are Services?


Settings: What are settings?


Shipping: What is Shipping?


Side Bar: What is the Side Bar?


Subscriptions: What are Subscriptions?


Supplier: What is a Supplier?


Support: What is Support?


Section: What is a Section?


Tax Nexus: What is Tax Nexus?


Template: What is a Template?


Theme: What is a Theme?


Topics: What is a Topic?


Transactions: What is a Transaction?


User: What is a User?


Version: What are Version Settings?


Website: What is a Website?


Widget: What is a Widget?


Widget (Button): What is a Button Widget?


Widget (Text): What is the Text Widget?


Widget (Divider): What is a Divider Widget?


Widget (Panel): What is the Panel Widget?


Widget (Menu): What is the Menu Widget?


Widget (Embed): What is the Embed Widget?


Widget (Login Menu): What is the Login Menu Widget?


Widget (Login Form): What is the Login Form Widget?


Widget (Side Out Bio): What is the Side Out Bio Widget?


Widget (Image): What is the Image Widget?


Widget (Button): What is a Button Widget?


Widget (Button): What is a Button Widget?


Widget (Button): What is a Button Widget?


Widget (Button): What is a Button Widget?


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